Application of principles of good governance in the management of municipality property” of experts from municipality Troyan and city council was held on January 31. 2013. at Troyan

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Moderator of the meeting: Mr.Vladislav Georgiev, manager of Parime Consulting Ltd

  1. Project team;
  2. City council members;
  3. Experts form Municipality of Troyan. They are taking part in study travel to Ellwangen municipality, Germany.

In total 26 (twenty six) participant attended this work shop.

Mr.Vladislav Georgiev, manager of Parime Consulting Ltd open discussion about principles of good governance in the management of municipality property. First he explained the main subject and goals of study visit. Then he mentioned that during realisation of Activity 2, "Study and evaluation applying of good governance and effective budget spending in both administrations (Troyan municipality and Ellwangen municipality)" the main goals are initiation of large discussion and to get different opinions and ideas how to increase efficiency of budget spending and governance of municipality property.

Work shop modules:

1. Presentation "Twelve principles of Good Governance" and completing of questionnaire.

Tsvetelina Neshkova presented Twelve Principles of Good Governance, adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 26 March 2008. It had previously been endorsed by the European ministers responsible for local and regional government on the occasion of the 15th session of their conference, at Valencia (Spain), on 15-16 October 2007.
Assessment of knowledge, understanding and application of principles of good governance was tested among all participants by questionnaires. This study will reveal a real situation and challenges in municipality Troyan.

2. Discussions focused on governance of municipality property on local level.

The participants discussed following topics:

  • Public –private partnership;
  • Municipal companies and organistions;
  • Public register of municipal property;
  • Farmlands municipal property
  • Tools that use municipal authorities to control municipal companies;
  • The process of decision making and active participation of mayoral councils;
  • Using of different communication channels to inform citizens about selling and lending of municipal properties;

All participants were very active and shared different opinions and suggestions. The interesting and useful discussion that was held, confirm again the importance of them for good governance. This meeting encouraged the dialogue between experts from municipality administration and all citizens and shows the significance of them for good governance.

The study of the application of principles of good governance in the work of the Troyan municipality will be made on the basis of:

  • Documents;
  • Interviews in depth;
  • Questionnaires.

The conclusions made form paper work and documents will be combined with conclusions made from study of participant's opinion and discussions.

The same study procedure will be follow in the partner municipality.

Project manager: ing. Tatiana Markovska


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