13.03.2013 г. - Ellwangen Municipulity - Joint Seminar on “Good Governance – Right and Responsibility”

Friday, 05 April 2013 14:20 Written by  Община Троян

Organized under the project "Good Governance – Right and Responsibility" at the Conference Hall in Ellwangen Municipality.


For Ellwangen Municipality:

Mr. Bash, Mr. Gresser, Mr. Nagl, Mr. Beckler, Mr. Trolman; meeting with media.


Presentation of the project.
Presentation of Troyan Municipality.
Presentation of Ellwangen Municipality.


Structure of Ellwangen Municipality

  • Country: Germany, State: Baden-Württemberg;
  • Administrative region: Stuttgart;
  • District: Ostalbkreis.


  • Mayor;
  • Municipal Council (36 municipal councilors and the mayor): 3 Committees (14 members each)
    - a management committee;
    - a committee, responsible for construction, environment and transport;
    - a committee, responsible for culture, tourism, sport, social activities;
  • Departments – Human Resources Management; Organizational Department; Culture, Tourism;
  • Urban Design and Planning Department; Department of Public Policy; Municipal Companies

Specifying content and objectives of the seminar.

Analysis and comparison.

Identification of the main topics of the seminar.

Discussions on various practical issues.

Municipal property management.

Planning and implementation of projects.

Comparisons between the practices in Troyan Municipality and in Ellwangen Municipality.



  1. Effective use of municipal assets.
  2. In-depth analysis of: problems (demographic collapse; social; economic); activities to be funded; expected results.
  3. Practical approach to solving all issues – with profit and in favor of the population.

The working visit met the main objective of the activity - to enhance knowledge and skills of Bulgarian experts through direct observation and exchange of experience. The purpose - a joint training on the principles of good governance in its complexity, which on one hand will increase their qualifications, and the other will motivate them to share experiences and work in coordination, was fulfilled through the information seminar. It contributed to a coherent and comprehensive introduction to the principles in all departments of the administration. The seminar fully corresponds with the main objective of this procedure and the specific objectives of the project, as it increases knowledge of experts to the principles of good governance. During the visit, participants were acquainted with the functioning of principles into practice; they had the opportunity to be convinced of the importance and benefits of implementing a comprehensive monitoring and control performance and to exchange views and experiences in solving specific issues in the management of municipal property. As this activity increases the capacity of experts through contacts and share experiences and creates conditions for long-lasting future cooperation, as well as for exchange and joint creation of innovative solutions, it largely leads to the implementation of all specific project objectives.
The working visit resulted in achievement of expected results: increased capacity of the administration; conducted training; a report, which includes innovative practices; shared experience; long-lasting contacts established with experts from Ellwangen Municipality; created preconditions for cooperation in specific management problems.

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