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Ellwangen city is located in the eastern district of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Situated in the valley Yagst, which runs through the city from south to north.

The town developed in the 7th century as an Alemanic settlement in the Virgunna forest next to the Franconian-Swabian border. In 764 the Frankish noble Hariolf, Bishop of Langres, founded a Benedictine monastery, Ellwangen Abbey, on a hill next to the settlement. The monastery was mentioned in a document of Louis the Pious as Elehenuuwang in 814. It became a Reichsabtei in 817.

From 870 to 873 the Byzantine Greek "Apostle of the Slavs" Saint Methodius was imprisoned in Ellwangen, after he had been arrested by Ermanrich, bishop of Passau. He was set free in 873 thanks to the intervention of Pope John VIII.

In the middle of the town is situated Bulgarian chapel "St. Cyril and Methodius. There is a memorial stone on the square, "St. Methodius" set by grateful Bulgarians. In 2010 the  chapel was painted by the painters Valentin Tsvetkov and Tsvetko Vitanov.  The Bulgarian state  provide funding for the painting of the chapel.

Every year on May 24 at the "St. Methodius " squere  a celebration of the Bulgarian alphabe is organized by Bulgarian emigrants and students. Ambassador of Bulgaria and many guests from Bulgaria attend the festival. Celebrations in recent years become increasingly large.

The partnership between Troyan and Ellwangen municipalities was established six years ago.

An exchange of school groups was made in 2012. At the invitation of the YouthCenter in 2012, a group of 16 young people from Troyan had a week-long visit in Ellwangen. The group took part in many social and cultural events organized by the host organization. The Bulgarian students had opportunities to participate in a meeting with the Mayor of Ellwangen and to discuss different issues about youth policies. They found friends and built new partnerships with organizations of young people from Germany and discussed future collaboration and participation in European projects.

Project "Efficiency and Quality for Good Governance" is developed by experts from TroyanMunicipality and partner organization - EllwangenMunicipality, in 2011. It was approved and funded by OPAC (Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity" 2007-2013).

Mrs. Donka Mihaylova, Mayor of Troyan, signed a contract for starting project activities on 09.04.2012. The Project has budget of 313 138 leva and has to be competed in 14 months.

Project team:

Project manager: Mrs. Tatiana Markovska

Coordinator: Mrs. Diana Laleva

Financial manager: Mrs. Borislava Vasilkovska

Coordinator for partner organization: Mr. Bernd Beckler

A working meeting was organized in September 2012 in Ellwangen. During this meeting a presentation of work packages was done and details about the implementation of activities and partners commitment were arranged. All activities are related to the analysis of governance in both municipalities and the exchange of best practices in the management of municipal property.

The working meeting was attended by Bulgarian and German experts. The Bulgarian partner was represented by Mrs. Donka Mihaylova - Mayor of Troyan Municipality, Mr. Minko Akimov - Chairman of the Municipal Council, The Project Manager - Ms. Markovska and The Coordinator - Ms. Laleva.


"The project is implemented with the financial support of Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity"2007-2013, financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund"
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Project is implemented with financial support of