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Part of the Bulgarian delegation and Mr. Willy Greser Part of the Bulgarian delegation and Mr. Willy Greser Excerpt from the newspaper Schwäbischen Post



The exchange of experience and best practices is implemented with the financial support of EU. Ellwangen and Troyan Municipalities are participating at a partner project "Good Governance – Right and Responsibility".

A group of 11 experts and 3 counselors from the Municipality of Troyan are guests in our town until Thursday. They should become familiar with the management of municipal companies and municipal property.


Gerhard Koeninger

Ellwangen: "The exchange of experience with Troyan went through different stages", said the Mayor Carl Hilzenbek to the municipal officials and the Bulgarian guests at the city hall on Wednesday. Mr. Bernd Beckler – Head of "Education and Social Work" Department, had visited Troyan in December with a group from Ellwangen. Now the Bulgarians are here and it's planned that in April a group of experts from Ellwangen Municipality will visit Bulgaria. Afterwards (in May), the Bulgarian delegation will come to Ellwangen again.
"The experts from the Municipality of Troyan should become familiar with our governance system and make their own conclusions in this regard", said the Mayor. This exchange has 100% EU funding. "Politics are made in Brussels, but here is where they are implemented so the EU can operate."
From Sunday to today the Bulgarian group visited the wave pool, the saunas, the water power plant and the energy company. They had the opportunity to see the Shoenal treatment plant with solar drying and block heating plant as well as the fire station. The delegation also aimed to become familiar with convert lands, the industrial area, Pfalhaim village and the home for the elderly and people with disabilities in Roetlenmuele.
The municipal construction company and the City's subsidiary company were exhaustively presented. A few workshops on "Management of municipal property" and "Planning and implementation of construction plans" (for instance the whole process of reconstruction of the marketplace) introduced the guests to the working process.
The deputy Mayor of Troyan emphasized on the importance of the exchange for the Bulgarian municipality. She explained the choice of Ellwangen as a partner with the vast German experience in management and the great credibility of the town. She also expressed her firm belief that the the project will have very positive effect.
The project manager from the external consultancy Vladislav Georgiev said that the Bulgarian management of public utilities could be improved especially in regard to structure of municipal companies and management of municipal property. He is convinced that the German delegation will be welcomed in Troyan in April with the same great hospitality the Bulgarian group has received in Ellwangen.
The Bulgarians flew to Munich and then traveled to Ellwangen by bus. The guests were accommodated in Hotel "Linde" and Hotel "Germany".

At the picture: A part of the Bulgarian delegation is listening to Mr. Wili Gresser talking about the Spa complex in the town.

An excerpt from "Shwebishe Post" Newspaper
Thursday, 14 March 2013

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